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Certified Behavioral Health Case Managers (CBHCM) are board certified members who provide direct behavioral health case management services to adults or children with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and/or those whose involvement in the child welfare system that require behavioral health case management services. To meet the requirements of becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager one can pursue one of two routes.

The first route option is for those who meet the education and training requirements but not the work experience requirement. These individuals must complete a provisional application. This consists of applying for the CBHCM-P credential, completing the work experience requirements before the CBHCM-P credential expires, and finally applying for the CBHCM-P Upgrade before the provisional credential expires.

Grandfather credentialing period has been extended to August 31, 2018. As a case management and training facility, we provide ACHA training which meets one of the requirements to become a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager. Please visit

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