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Founded on the principles that “helping is healing”, we at Meridian Associates offer you our helping hand, a listening ear, and our promise of exceptional service. 

Established in May 2011, Meridian Associates is committed to the practice of using strength based and client centered approach. As we travel on life’s journey, we are constantly challenged by the twists, turns, and obstacles that contribute to life experiences. The staff at Meridian Associates understands that these moments require a trusting ear, guidance, and an opportunity for growth. By offering client centered services, we are better able to assist you in identifying distress and empower you with coping skills.

Our services will provide you with a strong foundation to gain knowledge and strategies to move forward in your daily lives. We offer you a partnership in planning your goals. We help you with the steps that will afford you the ability to achieve your goals and reaching the level playing field necessary to develop or regain your ability as a functional contributor to self and society.


Our mission is to be the number one small business multidisciplinary social service agency in the Orlando Market by providing culturally competent mental health case management and educational services that increase wellness of individuals, families, and groups.

Adult and children’s mental health targeted case management services assist clients in gaining access to needed financial resources, employment, medical, social, education, assessment of functional abilities and needs and other services.  The primary goal of mental health targeted case manager is to optimize the functioning of clients who have complex needs by coordinating the provision of quality treatment and support services in the most efficient and effective manner.

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